"Begin with an end in mind, end with the passion at heart."

Jason Choo Yan Sheng

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Pay What You Should

Active Project Hackathon TransferWise

An alternative way of buying overseas products with much lower foreign exchange rates, paying what you should.

Meeting Optimized

Past Project Hackathon

Startup Weekend

A productivity app for optimizing meetings to organize and keep meetings on track, so that you stay focused and productive.

Wearable News Visualization

Past Project Hackathon Hearst

A wearable app designed to bring news to smart watches through optimization of content delivered and visualization of relevant contextual data using Agolo Summarizer to summarize the key contents of an article into one sentence.

Alternate Credit Identity

Past Project Hackathon Barclays

Calculates the alternate credit score based on a person’s employment records from various financial-related sources, and creates a financial credit profile for international expats coming to United States to work for the first time.


Active Project Hackathon TechCrunch

Integrates to-do lists into individual calendars. Within each calendar event on DayList, users are able to plan the sequence of tasks for that event and access the resources (such as files, URLs or emails) required to perform each of these tasks.


Active Project Hackathon AngelHack

A ticketless entry using facial recognition technology.

Text-based Emoji Gamification

Past Project Hackathon TechCrunch

An emoji gaming platform that is a new, fun and creative way to play old school arcade style games with emojis and text.

Social Rewarding App

Past Project Academic NUS

A photo-based social rewarding application to earn free coupons sponsored by brand merchants like restaurants through photo sharing, hashtagging and geotagging.

PSLove E-Commerce

Past Project Internship NUS

Ladies around the world go through that dreadful time every month. PSLove aims to redefine their period experience via a monthly Period Care Package that will be sent to their doorstep every month just when they need it.

Forum Redesigned

Past Project Hackathon NUS

A new type of forum that lets you consume information in a time-efficient & organized way. With forward-backward traversal, users can immediately see all relevant replies to their post.

Calendar-Based Note Taking

Past Project Academic NUS

A personal note-taking companion which aims to capture your instant, random ideas and thoughts using the best methods, at the right moments.

Interactive Virtual Dashboard

Past Project Academic NUS

An integrated dashboard that allows individuals to manage and customize their virtual spaces with the most frequently used web components online.

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